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Welcome to Prodikem website

PRODIKEM is an independent trading and distribution company dealing with chemicals and raw materials for industrial applications. We sell our products in France, but also in Germany, Benelux, Switzerland, Spain.

PRODIKEM is mainly active in SURFACE CHEMISTRY, including preparation, functionalizing, chemical conversion, treatment, coating of surfaces, etc., on all type of surfaces (metal, mineral, wood, glass, plastic, textile, paper,….

Prodikem acts as:

ETHICS : our ethical policy is based on mutual respect within the customer-supplier relationship, confidentiality, caring about the interests of our privileged trading partners and customers. We attach utmost importance to the quality of our services, satisfaction and also anticipation of our customers’ needs.

DEVELOPMENT : our policy has enabled a steady growth of our activity since 2004, in France and export markets (about 15 % of turnover).
Turnover generated in 2011 (trading + agencies): about 5 millions €

This represents a global volume of about 3800 T, liquids and solids, in full truck loads or small lots.

PRODIKEM is a member of the "Union Française du Commerce Chimique" (UFCC) and signee of the "Responsible Care" program. This program aims at taking into account in a more secure way the specificities of chemical distribution sector and improving risk management in terms of health, security and environment.