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The markets development

PRODIKEM has a strategy to pursue a regular organic growth by researching and implementing a quality, competitive and innovative product range.


- FORMULATION CHEMISTRY: construction and building sectors, paints, varnishes, coatings, detergency, water conditioning, paper coatings, etc.

Paints/Coatings: resins, titanium extenders, silicones, antifoam, silanes, anticorrosion
Construction : celluloses, PP fibers, water repellents, binders, chrome VI reducing agents
Detergency/Maintenance : silicone oils and emulsion, phosphates, corrosion inhibitors

- SURFACE TREATMENT & ELECTROPLATING: metal coating, electro and electroless plating, chemical conversion, etc.

Chromic acid flakes and water solutions, chrome III, salts of nickel, copper, cyanide, etc

- GENERAL INDUSTRIES: synthesis chemistry, formulation chemistry, etc.

Colloïdal silica, phosphate salts, hydrofluoric acid and derivates, ethylene oxyde, etc


Oenological products: clarification, phosphates, tanins – Food industries: foam control


We identify according to your needs alternative sources for your raw materials, submit for approval, and organize the deliveries.